With our clients in mind, we work meticulously to provide

The Best Contract Procurement Services

throughout the United States


Environmental Products

Atomic Absorption / Emission,
Environmental Monitoring & Testing, Gas Generators & Analyzers, pH & Conductivity Meters

Food & Beverage Products

Food & Beverage Analyzers, Food & Beverage Processing, Microbiology, Polarimetry

Forensics Products

DNA Sequencing, Evidence Collection & Analysis, PCR / Thermal Cycling, Toxicology / Drugs of Abuse Testing

General Lab Products

Centrifuges, Filtration,
Pipettes & Dispensers, Titrators

Life Sciences Products

Antibodies, Gene Expression & Molecular Cloning, In Vivo Imaging, PCR / Thermal Cycling

Material Products

Electron Microscopy, Mechanical, Profilometers

Anti-Doping Science Products

Biochemistry, GC-MS, Hematology, HPLC & UHPLC

Separations Products

Autosamplers, Gas Chromatography, HPLC & UHPLC, Voltammetry

Spectroscopy Products

Atomic Absorption / Emission, Infrared / FTIR,
Mass Spectrometry, UV / Visible


Mack Science was incorporated in 2005. Our staff consist of employees with ten to twenty-five years in the scientific industry. Mack Science is a collaboration of professional associates with expertise in the areas of Research, Health, Education and within difference sectors throughout the scientific industry. Some of our staff have professional’s technical backgrounds as well and some of our employee have knowledge of importation, which we utilized to better service our customer.

We are a diverse company with vast range of experience. We are in Miami lakes, and our warehouse is able to store items accordingly to sensitive temperatures. We are setup to receive, and ship hazardous materials. Please rest assure that given the opportunity, Mack Science will demonstrate its potential to negotiate, and be more aggressive in this competitive field to give our customers, top of the line goods, and at the best price as we look forward to establishing a long-lasting working relationship with our customers.